Technical Service and Training

As Evora Paint, we are constantly developing our technical team. We support our employees to set new goals. We give them the opportunity to improve themselves, become more efficient and keep their motivation high. Evora's technical services enable us to choose alternative equipment and materials. We provide the necessary information and training for our staff to make the best use of this equipment and materials. Thus, we focus on improving our business and minimizing environmental waste. In order to prepare our technical team for the future, we follow the requirements and trends and provide the necessary information. We enable our technical team to develop themselves in a way that is open to innovation with both practical and theoretical trainings at our training center, where our expert trainers take place. We also strengthen brand loyalty among our employees through motivating practices.

System Training

In the system training for our employees at Evora Paint, they can improve their existing knowledge by using the latest paint products. Technical service employees and paint technicians participate in the system training. The training provides information on many subjects ranging from the paint preparation process to painting techniques. Thus, our employees have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills.

With the system training, we aim to make the following contributions to businesses;
- Reducing the number of painted vehicles,
- Saving on paint with quality and efficient paint products,
- Minimizing repainting and coating requirements,
- Making more sales per employee,

Developing our product and customer portfolio with the latest techniques and products. In system training, our staff participate in theoretical and practical lessons. Thus, they learn how to carry out a painting or repair process from start to finish. Thus, they can improve their application skills. Our courses with experienced trainers are shaped according to the needs and requirements of our trainee employees. There are two types of practical training in systems education: Preparation: Trainees practice a repair process from start to finish with selected products through a form. Painting techniques: Trainees optimize their application skills according to new repair techniques.

Color Correction Training

Participants in the color correction training learn the difference between the original vehicle color and the after-color. They can then perform the necessary color correction to achieve the best color match. Focusing on improving color correction knowledge and skills, color correction training saves labor and paint. By improving color correction processes, errors in painting techniques and the need for repainting are avoided or minimized. The main topics in both theoretical and practical training are as follows:

- Color identification,
- Color documentation,
- Color scanning system,
- Color correction technique,
- Color theories,
- Solid,
- Tinting in metallic and pearlescent effect colors.

In the color correction training attended by service employees and paint technicians, our employees who have mastered painting techniques have the opportunity to improve their skills in the sector.

Product Training

Product training, which is attended by Evora Paint service employees and paint technicians, fulfills an important function. Employees participating in this training have the opportunity to get to know trendy paint products. Product training provides employees with information about the application techniques of new products. Thus, employees can improve their existing knowledge and skills. Product training provides the following advantages to businesses;

- Choosing the right material,
- Increase in production with effective implementation,
- Material savings,
- Minimizing errors through preventive practices,
- Time savings.

In the training, which includes theoretical and practical lessons, our employees learn techniques to maximize the performance of new products.

Problem Prevention Technique

As Evora Paint, we analyze the paint repair process step by step. Thus, we focus on preventing paint defects before they occur. Thus, businesses gain the following advantages;

- Reducing errors from paint applications,
- More knowledgeable staff,
- Labor savings through efficient error detection,
- Reduced costs due to the improvement of the production process,
- Customer satisfaction.

Participants in the problem prevention technique training are able to identify problems that may arise during paint repair on a vehicle. They can analyze issues such as the cause of the problem and when it occurred so that problems do not recur. The problem prevention technique training is intended for technical service managers and paint technicians with basic paint knowledge.