Privacy Policy

Evora Paint has laid out the Evora Paint information basic security policy, which is to make a lot of effort to ensure the security of information asset, proper management and use, ensure information security in the whole group, and gain credibility from the community.

  1. The laws, Directives and other standards related to information security determined by the country are complied with.
  2. Responsibilities regarding information security are clearly defined and the system is secured for the execution of transactions.
  3. Information security risk is determined organizationally, personally, physically and technically and appropriate actions are taken.
  4. Information security training and promotion are provided. It should be done in such a way that all board members and all employees can carry out their business activities with a deep knowledge of information security.
  5. The regime and approach to information security is audited and is also constantly being developed/reviewed.
  • The
    purpose of the Policy targeted by this policy “Information assets” are considered to be the acquisition and learned information of Evora Paint business activities and all business information held by this group. This purpose also includes strict compliance with this group’s “Board members, Employees, Contract employees” and “Business contractors and employees” involved in the handling and management of these information assets.